7 Questions for you

1. Are you looking for the ultimate solution for anti-corrosion ?

2. Are you facing problems of corrosion on your product ?

3. Are you looking for a more eco-friendly anti-corrosion solution ?

4. Are you willing to upgrade the aesthetics of your product to international standards ?

5. Do you know how much salt spray/hour test your product can withstand? Are you keen to improve & increase that ?

6. Are you willing to coat each & every corner & sharp edges of your product including small holes & threads ?

7. Do you want your machine geometry to remain as it is after coating (Uniform coating to Micron levels) ?

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CED Coating Division Sona Pumps

CED coating is a method of painting which users electrical current to deposit the paint. The process works on the principle of "Opposites Attract". This process is also known as Electro Deposition(ED)

12 Benefits of CED coating to your product

1. Uniform coating on any metal

2. Coating thickness can be controlled

3. Better coverage in box and interior surfaces

4. Good coverage of sharp corners

5. Better chip & corrosion resistance

6. 20 dry micron film thickness can withstand salt spray upto 1000 hours

7. Nearly 98% paint utilization

8. Unlike spray coatings, CED paint does not sag during curing

9. Unlike dip coatings, CED paint does not wash off in enclosed areas due to hot vapors

10. Unmatched consistency in coating color and thickness

11. Appealing deep black appearance color

12. CED is the best value for money as compared to any other anti - corrosion coating

Top 10 reasons to get CED coating service from Sona Pumps

1. Suitable for mass production

2. Highly automated plant

3. Complete in-house lab facility for paint & plating

4. Superior in anti - pollution, safety & health hazard

5. Nearly 98% paint utilization help minimum wastage of paint

6. All automated quality check points with Scada system helps in minimum human interference

7. Maximum single job size capacity 800(H) X 600(W) X 1600 (L) / Max. 800kg

8. Most advanced safety features

9. Plant as per GPCB norms

10. Capacity of coating 40 sqmt, per hour expandable up to 120 sqmt per hour